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Allen Setters
Allen Setters

English name: Allen Setters
Swedish name: Allen Setters
Latin name: -
Alternative names:
Geographical origin: USA
Colour variants/mutations: Spangled
Silver Quail
Silver Brassy Back
Brown Breasted
Brown Red
Subspecies: -
Group in the database: Chicken (Normal)
Weight male:
Weight female:
Height/length male:
Height/length female:
Egg weight:
Shell colour: white - lightbrown - brown - darkbrown - turquoise/blue/green - spotted - other
Egg amount:
Incubation time: 21 days
Egg laying/Incubation period:
Sexual maturity:
Expected lifespan:
About: This breed were developed by George Allen of Salt Lake City, UT (editor of The Gazette, a magazine devoted to wildfowl and other exotics).

They were developed specifically for the purpose of hatching pheasant eggs.
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Feather varieties: Normal - Silkie - Frizzled
Tail length: Normal/average - Long - Short/none
Feathered legs: Yes - No
Crest: Yes - No
Beard: Yes - No
Skin colour: Normal/light - Blue/dark - Other
Purpouse: Ornamental - Egg - Meat
Hardiness: Hardy - Average - Sensitive - Extra sensitive
Broodiness: Weak - Average - Strong
Other odd characteristics: Auto-sexing - Other odd characteristic
(Chicken Class: True Bantam - Game fowl - Longcrowers)

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